Not all toothpaste is vegan, and you should care about it

Is all toothpaste vegan? 

The short answer is no. Not all toothpaste is vegan! This might come as a surprise to some, because there are no obvious animal products, like meat or dairy, commonly known to be included in toothpaste. 

Toothpaste is one of those everyday products that everyone uses in their day-to-day routines. Because it’s so commonly used, it can be easy not to think about what ingredients are used. And after all, veganism is typically associated with food rather than cosmetics or personal hygiene products. 

If you’re new to being vegan, have dietary restrictions, follow kosher or Halal practices, or just looking for more holistic options to use in your daily life, finding vegan toothpaste might not be top of mind for you. You’ll probably start with the things you consume, like eggs and cheese. But the products you use to keep your mouth clean should reflect your lifestyle just as much as your diet! 

What is vegan toothpaste? 

Vegan toothpaste, in short, is any toothpaste that doesn’t include animal byproducts in its ingredients. Substitutions are made to ensure no ingredients contain any non-vegan ingredients. Most mainstream toothpaste companies include ingredients that are derived from animal products — even if they’re not using an animal protein directly. 

What ingredients do non-vegan toothpastes use? 

Common drugstore toothpaste brands use a variety of ingredients that are not vegan. These include: 

  • Glycerin - Glycerin is typically used as a dual-purpose ingredient because it both sweetens and acts as a preservative. However, the kind of glycerin traditionally used is actually a pork by-product. Vegan toothpaste often replaces glycerin with a plant-based glycerin, which carries all the same benefits and helps avoid the use of toxic parabens. 
  • Propolis - Honey Bees create a natural substance that the bees leave on their hives or  plants around the hive. While it is an organic ingredient, it is not vegan because it is created by bees! 
  • Calcium Phosphate -  Calcium phosphate is another very commonly used ingredient in non-vegan toothpaste. Fun fact - your saliva actually naturally contains phosphates! Calcium phosphate is added to toothpaste to help strengthen your teeth. However, it is usually made by grinding up animal bones, so it is not vegan. 

Is vegan toothpaste effective? 

Vegan toothpaste is just as effective as toothpaste from mainstream brands. Vegan toothpaste brands, like SprinJene CBD, go through rigorous research and testing to ensure that the product is very effective. 

Vegan toothpaste often uses more non-toxic, natural ingredients like zinc and black seed oil, to provide holistic oral hygiene benefits. This way, you receive the same antibacterial properties that help fight cavities, bad breath, and other oral diseases. These more natural ingredients are typically also of organic origin, so most vegan toothpaste including SprinJene CBD is also cruelty-free! 

To sum it all up, vegan toothpaste is just as effective as non-vegan toothpaste while providing an alternative option for those following a vegan lifestyle, kosher or Halal practices, or looking for a more holistic approach to oral care. SprinJene CBD is a great vegan and cruelty-free, USDA-certified biobased option to fit your lifestyle.