What Is The Best Halal Toothpaste?

Approximately 3.4 million Muslims call the US home according to 2017 data, making Islam the third-largest religion in America. Despite this, it can still be challenging for Muslim communities to be properly and respectfully represented in our society. 

What Does Halal Mean?

“Halal” means something is acceptable to use, while haram designates it as unacceptable. Haram and halal designations are relevant to more than just meals, though. Everything, including beauty and hygiene products, are taken into consideration. In Islam, the use of pork is forbidden. This includes pork byproducts.

What is Halal Toothpaste? 

Halal products are not the norm on the shelves of your local drugstore. It can be difficult to find halal options for things like toothpaste. Several mainstream toothpaste brands use glycerin as a sweetening and preserving agent. But did you know that some glycerins are made using pork byproducts? 

Halal toothpaste uses glycerin that is not derived from pork. Instead, halal toothpastes use glycerin which is derived from either plants or the lard of other animals. Often, it is difficult to tell from just the label what  kind of glycerin  the product is made with . 

The Best Halal Toothpaste

When we developed SprinJene CBD, it was important to us that our toothpaste was a certified halal product. We believe everyone should have access to exceptional oral care products, no matter their identity or affiliation. 

While it might seem small, we know that toothpaste is part of your everyday routine and should reflect your lifestyle, community, and values. Our high-quality all-natural ingredients do not use any animal products, which sets us apart from the crowd. The glycerin found in our toothpaste is derived from plants, making it a great halal option!